Saturday, May 13, 2017


I was out of Metro tickets, so I just walked again to the Thyssen.

I found it hard to locate once I was there. For one thing I thought it was on the opposite side of Paseo del Prado. Finally, I asked a truck driver who was inching by me and he pointed to the other side.
A loud parade met me as I crossed the street. 

They were at the end of their march. It was interesting, but I have no idea what it was about.
It did not interfere with me walking along the other side of the street, and fairly soon, there it was.
It is a very new museum and very different than the Prado. It is well laid out with all rooms numbered and in order. In the middle of each room is a bench, so one can sit and rest or study a particular painting.
The collection was quite eclectic. It started on floor 2 and got more modern on floor 1 and absolutely modern on floor 0.
I did not much like 0
I thought it was ironic that I had come to Spain to see so many American painters depicting scenes from New England. There were a few Hopper paintings here, depressing in tone, but I am liking him. The Woman in the bedroom is the most memorable.
Because I could photograph, I did not take extensive notes. That was very comfortable after yesterday when I had to work at recording a memory.

I walked back the way I had come, going from Calle Atocha and swinging left to catch Calle San Jerome to take me to Sol

Then I went up Calle Mayor to where I had seen the piece I wanted for Elizabeth. It turned out to be a shawl, so I did not need to fit it. I added a nice fan with Don Quixote.

I stopped for a bottle of Fronter, finally seeing where they offered cold ones. The guy the first night did not show me these. I'm not happy with the convenience store, but it is right there, so I buy my water.

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