Tuesday, May 30, 2017



It took a while for Frank to find me at the Nuevo Apollo restaurant next to my hotel. I was around the corner of the bar with a nice quiet table for the book signing.
He thought I had not arrived.
The waiter was supposed to ask when people arrived.  He did not.

But eventually I checked for him and found him in the front of the restaurant.  I met with Frank and Mari and I got a few books which Frank signed individually for the people I intended to gift. 


We ate some chicken cooked with garlic and some chorizo cooked in cider.

Then we walked to the Sardinas restaurant which was not far. It was downscale from what we expected, but the fish were good. It was uncrowded. But it does gather crowds when the Rastro is on.


There was a guy dressed with upscale brown coat draped on him like a cape. He had a very fine suit. The woman with him was fairly simple, and for a time, a man talked to him who wore cargo pants.  This made me realize anything goes here.
What did they talk about?
Mari got in this conversation. I enjoyed the give and take, although I did not follow the content. It was something about how much food is available in Madrid. All were friendly and animated. I need to learn to hear more Spanish.

They took me to the Metro and instructed me how to find the bus station tomorrow. It seems easy enough, but I don't always succeed at following directions.

At least this starts me in Tirso de Molina.

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