Thursday, May 25, 2017


I may repeat myself in this section, but I wanted one link dedicated  this little eatery because it ends up being my favorite Madrid spot.

They honored their specials into the evening.

For under 15$ I had a fine meal  on two nights of cordero asado with soup, wine, and bread if I wanted it.
The first day went like this:
They had a special that included soup and a cordero asado so I went for it. It was not a crowded place, but seemed to serve food more to my liking than the others.

The whole bill at the end was 14 euro and I had soup, cordero (which came with salad and potato) expresso, two glasses of wine and a portion of potato chips. 
It was all good.
The lamb was a section of neck. It was delicious. My best here in Spain. The coffee was also better than average. Only the wine tasted a bit lite, but it was good.
The music from the kitchen was not always what I like, but it was not loud. One English guitar folk song had the line, " Pretend that you love me too."

The soup was a rich chicken broth with very small noodles and bits of ham.
The meal was off diet.
I loved the waitress and left 2 euro tip because she was so attentive and patient and sweet with me and the few other customers who came in.
One was a teen boy with blond hair who looked German but spoke Spanish well enough to have a conversation. After trying to get a particular drink that apparently they did not have, he settled for a coke and a pizza. Nearby were three in his group, one I assume was his mother. But they sat apart and he sat at the bar, shuffling the drink cardboard coasters.
Two others came in and one said that the other was from Australia. Both spoke good Spanish.
And old man came in all alone. He had a drink and left. He was well dressed in the old fashioned ways.

The second day the soup was different, but still good.
The waitress was again very helpful. I felt completely comfortable. 
While in Spain the folks don't tip much, I left a couple Euros, and on my second visit the glassed of very weak wine were replaced with a bottle that was better. 
Cerro de la Luz was the name.
Drinking the entire bottle may account for why I left my hat and my glasses.  The waitress reminded me of my hat, but I still missed my glasses.  I went back after the Flamenco show, and she had them set aside for me.
  At one point the woman chef came out and asked how everything was going.  I complimented her.
At times others came in, but for the most part they did not eat. 

One old fellow dressed in the old ways came in again, had his white wine, and left.   He was a regular.
Folks who smoked went out to the street, sometimes with their drink.

The place was located very near the Flamenco show and also near a small plaza.

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