Tuesday, May 30, 2017


My eggs were cooked over easy and came with a meaty bacon that was more like ham, bread, orange juice and two expressos.  The cost was under 8 euros, which is under 10 dollars.

I shopped at the local grocery and bought some chorizo, water, and very cheap wine.


I had seen advertisement for this exhibit, but did not know exactly where it was.
Phone would not work to get me to Escher, but I asked directions a few times. It is in the Palace de Gavira which is itself something.

There is a book of the exposition, but it is 25 euros.
One book of prints he had was called Emblenata
He worked with shapes, loved the look of nature, bugs and such. Love contrast of white and black which take in all the colors.
One set features the 16th century proverbs of Andrea Alicati in Latin and then some Dutch.
"ne miserein vada impactus pereas" was one that had a buoy looking like a fishing bobber on a claw anchor and a fish swimming by.
Another had a lyre standing in a corner.

He fell in love with Italy and did many landscapes capturing the shapes. A print of a small city he lived in sets nestled in a large mountainous barren rock. Scilla was the name. In one there are also boats.
He did a good bit of the Calabria area of Italy. He liked the Alambra because it was about shape. We may perhaps go there on our next trip to Spain.
He influenced album covers.

One description of him was that he was a genius within a genius.
Many of the pieces blend shapes that then become other things. We have at home one of the fish and birds and there was another which was more in a figure eight than just rows. One circular print had black men with long menacing noses blend into white me who were of good posture.

One print was a heron in a cage.
As part of the Art Nouveu movement, he elevated crafts into arts having the same respect as painting.
I liked the crazy Tower of Babel but also the one of St Francis surrounded by birds in a garden. Very unique sense of person and bird.
He used the Droste effect

The glass globe in this photograph

allowed the visitors to place themselves in the place of Escher in his famous glass globe.  I could not get the photo that this woman managed. 

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