Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Today we went to Avila to see the wall from the middle ages. I had been there quite a few times years ago, but I never had such a complete and nice trip as I had today.  We took a fast train from Madrid, a fine ride that took us directly into the city of Avila.
I was hungry when we arrived because I had only managed some coffee and a banana for breakfast

We stopped a little bar with great bull fighting pictures on the wall.

 Here is where they sliced the ham.  I should have had some.

l had a small taste of tortilla l a few very small birds in vinegar that were eaten bones and all. Good. 

I don't remember ever walking the wall before.
We paid 7 Euro for two of us seniors (and they checked my passport) and had a grand time with no crowds and little hassle.
Well, Frank was hassled by the lack of clear and good signage. It made his job as El Guio, the one who guides,  more difficult. He protested his complaints,  and I enjoyed listening, although I did not fully understand the Spanish.
There was no rain. Sometimes out of sunlight it would be a bit chilly, but my rain jacket cut the wind and my nice new cap and warm scarf kept me cozy.

The views from the wall were quite interesting,  and I delighted in the geometry of the stones and bricks and mortar, of the larger patterns made by the wall against the background of the surrounding houses or farm land.

We also went to the small museum ourside the Cathedral where there were a small collection of relics, including the ring finger of St. Teresa.
I had remembered it in a jar of preservative, but that was not the case. It was encased in gold and had a fine ring.
I remember how years ago we were shocked to see such a thing. 
And we laughed.
Along with her finger were the bones of a Saint and a presentation in similar fashion of yard called St. Theresa's discipline.
I need to research about this topic.
I remember reading about her. She was a mystic and said to be able to levitate. Pretty wild stuff.
After our long walking journey, we climbed a residential road to a place where restaurants served nice menus of the day with cordero asado being one of the choices. 
Frank had a thick steak of beef that was both tender and delicious. Of course he had to send it back to get it done even medium rare, but I tasted it, and it was delicious. We ordered a bottle of nice red wine and ended with cafe y cognac. It was all very good and very mellowing after such a walking day. And it was grand to be outdoors.
I indulged and had flan again.

Our talks permeated all the days activities. We shared memories of the life we lived together and details from our lives after that. It was what I had hoped, a time to reconnect with a close and valued friend.

The ride home was on the slower train. It had a number of local stops, but no one was coming or going today, so it did not take too long. I could see that a person might use the train to go from one stop to another and see a series of small towns.

Once home I washed out a shirt and scrubbed at a stain of vinegar from the birds. I washed my pants as well and scrubbed another stain. I think the Fels Naptha took care of the problems.
At supper I remembered that my rain jacket would double as a fine bib. That worked very well to keep me from spoiling my shirt again.

Before we left Avila, we stopped in a little jewelry store and I picked out a pair of silver earrings for Elizabeth.

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