Monday, May 29, 2017


This was my last day with my old pal Frank who has guided and helped me on my trip as well as reconnected after quite a few years and reestablished our relationship from long ago. What a delight to have him in my life and in my travels here! 
I originally had a much more simple plan for Spain and thought of just a short meet-up with him if I were lucky. 
Instead I got a personal guide and friend who has shown me places and introduced me to people I would never otherwise have known. This is really the dream trip to Spain.


To meet with Frank and Mari for lunch at her house I first went to the Metro stop Manuel Becerra. 
I was early so I walked about the rather large circle, looking at the shops and restaurants.
In the early days Frank said this was more like a park and he had good times there.
In the center was the church where Frank had been baptized and Mari had received her communion.
Mari does an artistic craft in wood which I think is carving. 

It decorates the wood and is very appealing as is her entire living room.

We sat first in the living room where we had some drinks. I had on another day told Mari about the Mexican toast:
"arriba, debajo, el centro, al dentro."

She had heard it before, and on this day, with a grin, she offered it with some good wine and a fine assortment of cured meats, including chorizo.
She served a lovely platter of sliced meats, including chorizo, as well as a bean dish that is Frank's favorite, followed with a main course of rolled beef with filling of egg and other tasty things.
The second course we had in the room where Frank had been born, the same room where we had met and talked to his mother when Elizabeth and I visited Spain in 2001.
For dessert Mari served a wonderful melon that was as sweet as anything I have ever eaten. 
Mari is quite considerate. 
She thought about my diet when preparing the meal, and I appreciated that. It is so hard not to eat carbohydrates when I am a guest. It so easily seems rude.

While at Mari's, we went on her internet and actually found the son of our Sgt. in Torrejon. Fritz died in 2005. I can write a letter to him, once I've posted the blog.

We then went to the Bullfight. 

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