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If you read my breakfasts here, you will note that I was so excited to find this grand place and had a fine breakfast there twice, but on my last night I went for supper just after the menu of the day was over and paid full price for the worst food of the trip, including the worst single shrimp of my entire life.

Breakfast was eggs over easy served with bacon that more like ham or chorizo.
Here is the brandy and olives I had one time as an afterthought for breakfast.


However, my last night I went for an early supper.
It was nothing like the morning, not in service and not in food.
They could not find in the entire place any black pepper. The waiter brought me chili pepper.
They still had the Menu of the Day posted but did not honor that and made me choose off the regular menu and pay a good deal more.
I had decided to skip the diet.
I ate a toast with anchovies and smoked pepper which came with a bit of a salad. I had to ask twice to get both olive oil and vinegar.
I was determined that if I was to go off my diet, I would do so with bread that was loaded with olive oil.

Then came my main course, a seafood mix with shrimp and shellfish and a nice piece of bacalao.
I have decided now that I don't like bacalao very much.
The shrimp was so bad I could not eat it.
The potato was very dull.
The vegetables were fine, and I'm sure the sauce was good, but they did not give me a spoon to access it, and I just got tired of asking.
For my second napkin, after I had worked the first one down to nothing, I just reached over to the waiter's little stand and got one myself.
The fellow saw me and said something. I did not catch it. Perhaps it was, "Help yourself."

I've been spoiled for supper by the place down Calle Mayor where I am treated like a king and all the food is good, and the specials of the day are honored into the evening hours.
Bar Iris is located just where Calle Mayor meets Calle de Hilares.

But I'll still go to the taverna at Tirso Morinas for breakfast if I return to this area, and the
ambiance was always great.  My photos do not really capture the full effect of this very European but not Spanish décor. 
Both on the outside façade and inside were tiled reproductions of Toulouse Lautrec paintings. I did not capture the decorative mirror in the ceiling.
This link gives better photos

I enjoyed the juxtaposition of these two images on the outsde.

This part of my last meal there was tasty, but of course the bread put it off my diet.

I actually saw a hostal closer to Sol and Plaza Mayor that I liked better. It would be closer to Bar Iris as well.

It is very hard to find much to eat if I stay on my diet. It is harder than I thought. So much is based on bread, served on bread, served with bread. Bread is the staple and it is good and tempting.
I've kept my numbers down pretty well, but I'll have to consider this if I come again.
Note: My A1C was higher after this trip. Not good.

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