Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Frank and I took Metros to the area where the Goya remains are honored by a chapel of angel and cherub like figures. 
Luckily it was open.
It took us a long time to find it.
We got bad directions and that increased our walking. We rode the bus at one point and there was a very pretty young girl with dark hair and small features. There was also sitting across from me a really old fellow in suit and tie. His suit was brown with large buttons I have not seen in a while. Interesting character.
A few days later, on Calle Mayor, I was to see the same guy in the same brown suit. I wish I had stopped and said something to him.

I was ready to give it up, but Frank kept pushing on. I was very dehydrated and thirsty,  and did not think the chapel would be open that late.
But we found it, and it was.

I enjoyed seeing the murals again.  There is some possibility that Maria's wedding occurred in this chapel although it is odd that no mention of the cherubs or Goya's remains were included in memories passed down to Frank about this event.  It was the event that first drew his mother to Madrid from Hervas.

  Here is an interesting blog report on this place along with fine photos

Right across the street I drank a ton of agua mineral con gas and munched on chorizo cooked in cider as well as something else. This is the place with the special chicken that was on our list last visit. I have yet to eat any of the famous chicken.

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