Friday, May 26, 2017


In spite of the fact that I sat with a tourist couple of women from Pennsylvania, this was a grand show, better than anything I have seen in a long while. 
I was surprised.
At first, it looked like there would be no audience, but they arrived somehow before the show.
There was a woman and a man dancing and both were amazing. I was able to move so that I could see their feet and enjoyed it very much. A couple songs were just clapping and I got worried, but everything after that was grand.
All the body motions and the hand and arm movements were just perfectly delightful.
It sure beats the last I saw on the Viking cruise in Salamanca.
Add to that, I got to sit next to a pretty girl from Pennsylvania who wore an open shoulder top. Her black hair draped over the revealed shoulders, and was just delightful.

It was closed on Monday, May 1, so I went on Tuesday, after a long day at the Prado and a nap.
If photos were allowed, mine did not come out.

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