Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Since it was raining, I decided to wait for Frank in the Nuevo Apollo restaurant next door where I had coffee y cognac while waiting. 
He was prompt as he always is, and we headed to Puerta de Sol to catch a particular ride to the train station. We then took the train to Segovia and from there the 11 bus to the center of town. It was a bit complicated, but Frank got the tickets, and so I was well taken care of.
During the day we discussed how I might do this on my own and decided that the best way would be to take a taxi after a red eye flight directly from the airport to the train station, Chamatin.
There I could get a train ticket to Segovia after which the 11 bus would take me to the center of the city, just under the aquaduct.
It was fine to see the old Roman aquaduct. I have many memories of it, of being there decades ago.
At the foot of it Elizabeth and I bought a lace table cloth in 2001. It developed a couple tears, but I use it to decorate and cover the old chest of drawers in my bedroom.

On a future imagined trip, l might not visit Madrid, but would spend my time in Segovia at the Hotel Infanta.
We went in and spoke to the desk. They said to assure a room facing the zocalo, we should call. There are large rooms, but there are also some just for one person.
Once again I loved the zocalo there, Plaza Mayor, with the cathedral in one corner.
The hotel itself is very upscale, just the opposite of my little hostal in Madrid which is just barely sufficient and lacks enough security to make me a bit worried about money and valuables.
The sliding window does not lock. There is no office safe to store valuables.
I have enjoyed Madrid and it has added the opportunity of the Prado and of the bullfight to the trip, but I still love Segovia. It is just an emotion from long ago.
Then too I would not get lost in Segovia. So if I do this again, I may just go to Segovia and back home again and skip Madrid or limit Madrid to a stay by the Prado.
We wandered slowly enjoying the views of the city streets and the fine views of the outlying areas. We took one of three walking tours suggested in the tourist pamphlet, and ended up at the castle where we had a fine visit.

Here is a church I remember from the old days.  I always thought in my eirie senses that I had been there in a past life.  At any rate, I was there this year.

Narrow streets as I remember them

We ate at a restaurant de Abuelo, which seemed fitting.
This was an upscale place with a fine 12 euro menu de dia. Lentil soup, lamb chops, coffee. It was fine.
It was quiet and gave us time to talk. There was a very sweet and pretty blond waitress, perhaps French although she looked Scandinavian.
The decor was old brick arches decorated in places with a bull and a saddle. I did not follow all of the story of the place, but it was perfect.

We also had coffee in a few places, and I had a brandy. I have now tried a few brandies and have found nothing I like better than our Felippe Segungo. I did not like the 43 as it was too sweet, nor did I find the 103 much better, although I know we used to drink that 47 years ago. However, I had the red label here and remember a black label. That may have made a difference.
Abuelo was decorated with interesting pieces.

We walked up to visit the castle.
That is always a treat. I love being outside on the high walkways. The geometry is so appealing. Over the years we have many photos like these showing a person with the perspective of the narrowing wall tops.

We did not get a guided tour of the castle, and I did not learn much about what I was seeing. Still, I enjoyed the visit very much and found I responded well to everything, including all the knights in armor.
I have visited this castle many times in the past, both when I lived in Spain and when Elizabeth and I went on our honeymoon.
Meanwhile Frank and I caught up with our stories, telling the old ones over again and adding new ones as well. We old friends get on very well, I think.

an interesting mural detail.

Wandering the streets was interesting.  Take this sculpture of man sliced in half.

Here is monument to Agapito Marazuela, a famous musician.


And so I add to my memories of Segovia this fine visit.  I'm certain I'll try to go there again.

I left Frank to find his way to cousin Mari's and walked successfully to the hotel from Puerto de Sol, which is important because I need to do that again the next day on my own and not be lost or late for the trip to Avila.

I was not ready to sleep so I took a walk. I had a plate of chorizo Iberica and some mushrooms but did not find either the best I have eaten.
I was at the place I started from this morning and the soccer was on the television, so the atmosphere was authentic old guy bar atmosphere. I liked it.
I walked a bit, taking a street called Lavapies to a section of a half dozen Indian restaurants. It was pretty cool. However, I was not hungry nor did I have the ambition to navigate Indian food without carbohydrates. So, I headed back for a sleep.

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