Monday, May 8, 2017


I packed and set the alarm so I could wake up for the taxi. I felt stressed and tired at the end. I think everything fit well, but I am pretty over packed, so I am worried about the weight as I always am, even with this light weight luggage.
So I slept and then woke up at nine thirty.
Well, guess it was not time to say good-bye yet, so I got dressed and walked around Tirso de Molina and then down the Lavapies where all the Indian places are selling food. They are so aggressive that I can't just stand and study and menu to see if it might be a possibility with no bread and no rice. I hate aggressive salespersons. "No Gacias is not enough. " They keep after me, calling me a friend, appealing to me to sit down. One fellow was so persistent that I took his card to get him off my back.
I would never eat at his place, so he wasted a card that is in the garbage at Tirso de Molina where it won't even tempt me on another trip. And I am the guy who throws nothing away, but uses these things as bookmarks.
I walked through a huge market and the lines were just incredible.
Had I been really hungry I would have had the chicken dish for just 5 euros, but the lines were too long to pay. There were a few small, high tables there with uncomfortable high chairs, but nothing inviting.
The market was amazing and clearly very popular as was another one on Tirsa de Molina. I'd say they are the coming thing with little stores going away. But there are crowds and lines, at least at night.

Well, I had fun watching the people. So many pretty young girls out for entertainment of some sort. So many different sorts of people, all colors, with Muslims and Blacks and Indians all mixed together in this area.
I certainly stood out.
Perhaps that is why the restaurant lackeys were so persistent.
"Look at this big guy," they must have said, "If I can get him in here, he will eat a ton of food."

Now all I have to do is wake up tomorrow and pack myself to a cab that takes me to the airport. It should not be hard, but I always get a bit anxious. I turned my phone on to use the alarm. That may cost me ten dollars if I understood Elizabeth correctly.
I am not a great fan of these phones.
My ex brother-in-law, Tommy, was down sizing and he gave me a fine clock. It might be a bit big to carry to Europe, but I can read it easily.
I am so spoiled by hotels and wake up calls that I forgot in a hostal that would not happen.

I was content on this last night to be on my way home. Is that something the brain just arranges when it is time to go?
I was so excited to come.
And I was so delighted with each day.
However, I was now delighted to move to my next adventure.
As I drifted off to sleep I was thinking of son Dana. Today is his birthday. We'll have a bit of a party in Boston when I get back.

The cab was easy. I walked three steps and a cabbie saw me from the plaza and came down my street to get me. I asked if the airport was thirty euros, and he confirmed that it was, so I was set. I gave him the number of my terminal, 4S.
I was ridiculously early. Too much traveler's anxiety.
That may have helped me get an aisle seat on the plane. The clerk was very attentive, although weak in English. It took me a while to remember “silla” and I acted out that I wanted an aisle seat. “ Pasillo” would have helped me.
However, she gave me what I wanted, and so I was easily set to use the bathroom. I did explain that I was diabetic and needed the “bano.” She got it.

I was actually the first person in the terminal. I sat and looked out at the mountains and the coming and goings of the plane. I napped a bit.
After it began to fill up and I was better rested, I walked up La Mary restaurant.

The waiter was not happy with me because he was not at the door to greet and seat me, so I picked my own table, a small one with just two seats.
I see that trip advisor does not rate this restaurant as very high. I had a fine meal. I wanted to use up my euros, but was anxious about overspending, so I had a Caesar salad.
I can't tell if the waiter spoke English because I only used Spanish.
The waiter asked me if I wanted “pan”. I had some, but it was not very good.  I suspect it was yesterday's or the day before.
 I drank only water because I did not want to have to use the bathroom often on the flight.
Other travelers passed me, and they were entertaining. I ate slowly.
The salad was delicious with anchovies added. I love anchovies.
When he asked if I were finished, I said, “No, gracias. Yo no tengo prisa.” and that was enough.
I still left with over ten euros, but I gave them to Dana later at his party; he is going to Greece soon.

Later, when I took my seat, it was perfect. next to me in the window seat was a beautiful and thin Asian girl who went to MIT but traveled with grants to all sorts of places. Being a big guy I appreciate thin companions. 
So, we had some pleasant conversation and then she read a bit of Frank's book and slept while I watched movies.  Some of the movies were in Spanish with English subtitles.  One in German with English subtitles, especially one called "Franz" which I did not get to finish.  I watched Notting Hill again and enjoyed it.
I did not sleep.

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